About The City Of Amarillo

First settled in 1887, Amarillo is in the middle of the West Texas Panhandle, bordered by New Mexico and Oklahoma. The name comes from the Spanish word for yellow and was taken from the yellow-colored subsoil in the channel of the main creek. In the early days, most area homes were painted yellow to commemorate the town’ s name. Rail growth through the 1890s allowed the city to become one of the world’s greatest cattleshipping markets.

The city’s economic reputation was built on agriculture and energy production. Amarillo has the world’s largest natural gas development and provides pipelines to many large cities and thousands of towns connecting through to the Atlantic seaboard.

About IPS Amarillo

IPS Amarillo is a locally owned company, not a management service. You are dealing directly with the owner of the property and truly,our home is, and becomes, your home. Many of our homes were newly constructed, in some of the best neighborhoods, so we could offer them to you. And this is an important point, we are most likely your neighbor. We believe in neighborhoods and being good neighbors. We offer a wide range of options, large and newer homes which tend toward the higher end of the cost spectrum and affordable housing as well.