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With a wide variety of homes to choose from, IPS Amarillo Homes helps you find the ideal home for your lifestyle and your budget.

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Homes for Every Lifestyle & Circumstance

With IPS Amarillo Homes, your circumstances don’t have to prevent you from moving into a home you love. We own hundreds of homes in some of the best neighborhoods in Amarillo. Many of our homes are newly constructed, and they all come in a wide array of sizes and styles.

And the best part is: When you take advantage of one of our leasing programs, like our lease with purchase option, you can lease your home before you buy it. This gives you the opportunity to improve your credit, build credits toward your purchase, and invest in homeownership.

Don’t let your situation, credit, or finances hold you back. Give us a call and find out if one of our homes could be right for you.

Discover 10 Benefits of Buying a Home

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Find a Home that Fits Your Personality & Style

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The IPS Amarillo Homes Guarantee

  • You won’t be denied. We offer on-the-spot approval so you know exactly what you can afford.
  • There is no application fee. You can apply online for no cost or schedule a meeting and apply in person.
  • The process is quick and straightforward. We know you’re busy, so we’ll ensure our easy, stress-free process fits into your hectic schedule.
  • You don’t have to settle. Our goal is to help you select a home that accommodates your lifestyle and your budget, whether you’re interested in buying or leasing.
  • You don’t have to deal with third-party property managers. IPS Amarillo Homes owns all of our homes, so you don’t run into any inconveniences.
  • You can lease, buy, or both. You are not locked into purchasing the property you lease. The choice is up to you!

“If you’re skeptical about lease to purchase, it’s worth it. It really is. Now we have this huge home and it’s ours.”


"Being in your early 20s and trying to buy a home, that’s such a daunting thing. Having a lease with purchase option makes it a whole lot easier and affordable."


"The process was extremely easy. We went in renting and after about a year, we opted to buy the house. It took 2 weeks at top. Super smooth."