Q. When can we view an available property?

A. If a property is listed as currently available it will be vacant and open during business hours for viewing, feel free to take a look.

Q. How long will my deposit hold a property before rent is accessed?

A. Upon possession or 15 days, whichever is sooner. Meaning we will hold a property with a deposit up to 15 days, at that point rent starts regardless of possession. If you move in, naturally rent is prorated from that point.

Q. Can IPS “hold” a property on my verbal request without a deposit, until I can come up with the deposit?

A. No; we cannot hold a property until we have received a deposit and the application is approved. This is a first come first serve basis and is subject to approval of the application by IPS.

Q. How long or what term is the lease?

A. Typically one year, IPS occasionally make exceptions and permits shorter terms for extenuating circumstances such as; having a home built, professional employment of a temporary nature, corporate leases. Rates are higher on a shorter term lease.

Q. Who pays utilities and yard maintenance?

A. Utilities are the responsibility of the occupant as well as yard maintenance.

Q. Do I have to have really good credit to lease an IPS home?

A. As IPS is the owner, we make decisions locally. Credit is a part of the picture; we understand that situations arise and bad things can happen to good people. We look at the whole picture, employment, rental history, credit and even criminal history. So those with less than perfect credit may very well qualify.

Q. Are pets allowed?

A. Pets are addressed on a case by case basis, depending on the property and the pet. In any case a pet is allowed, there will be an additional non refundable pet deposit.

Q. Is there a Lease / Purchase Option available?

A. Yes, please review the Lease /Purchase Option program on this web site

Q. If I decide to let another adult move in do I need permission?

A. Yes, anyone not listed as a resident on the initial application will be addressed according to the lease, refer to your lease.